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Wednesday 27th August 2014.

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PCC urged to quit over abuse report

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright is facing calls to quit
1 minute ago 8am | By Press Association

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is facing increasing pressure to resign after a shocking report found 1,400 youngsters in a town suffered sexual exploitation in a 16-year period.

Shaun Wright was the cabinet member responsible for children’s services in Rotherham from 2005 to 2010, in the middle of a period when, according to a report released yesterday, gang rapes, grooming, trafficking and other sexual exploitation on a wide scale was taking place.

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone resigned yesterday following the publication of Professor Alexis Jay’s report, and there were calls for Mr Wright, a former Labour councillor who was elected as PCC in 2012, to follow suit.

The leader of the Lib Dem group on Sheffield City Council, Colin Ross, said: “Shaun Wright was the councillor in charge of children’s services at Rotherham Council and also sat on the Authority of South Yorkshire Police when both organisations knew about the level of child sexual exploitation, but chose not to do anything about it. It’s difficult to see how local people can have confidence in him to continue as our Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Ukip Yorkshire and Humber MEP Jane Collins added: “I categorically call for the resignation of everyone directly and indirectly involved in this case. The Labour Council stand accused of deliberately ignoring child sex abuse victims for 16 years. The apologies we have heard are totally insincere and go nowhere near repairing the damage done.

“These resignations should include South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright who until his election into the PPC post, held responsible positions with Rotherham Council. I also call for a criminal investigation by a force not directly linked with this scandal in to all those implicated in this scandal. There is no place for these people in public life.”

Prof Jay’s report, which looked at a period between 1997 and 2013, detailed “utterly appalling” examples of “children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally-violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone”.

She said: “They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated.”

She said she found that girls as young as 11 had been raped by large numbers of men.

The spotlight first fell on Rotherham in 2010 when five men were given lengthy jail terms after they were found guilty of grooming teenage girls for sex.

Umar Razaq, 24, Razwan Razaq, 30, Zafran Ramzan, 21, Adil Hussain 20, and Mohsin Khan, 21, were found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court of a string of sexually related offences against girls aged between 12 and 16, including rape. Their sentences totalled more than 32 years.

The prosecution was the first of a series of high-profile cases in the last four years that have revealed the exploitation of young girls in towns and cities including Rochdale, Derby and Oxford.

Following the 2010 case, The Times claimed that details from 200 restricted-access documents showed how police and child protection agencies in the town had extensive knowledge of these activities for a decade, yet a string of offences went unprosecuted.

The allegations led to a range of official investigations, including one by the Home Affairs Select Committee.

The report – commissioned by the council – said failures of the political and officer leadership of Rotherham Council between 1997 and 2009 were “blatant” as the seriousness of the problem was underplayed by senior managers and was not seen as a priority by South Yorkshire Police.

It emerged yesterday that no council employees will face disciplinary action.

The local authority’s chief executive Martin Kimber said he did not have the evidence to discipline any individuals still working for the council despite the report saying there had been “blatant” collective failures by its leadership at the time.

A spokesman for Mr Wright said yesterday: “The Commissioner is pleased that the inquiry conducted by Alexis Jay finally shines a light on the errors made in relation to safeguarding children in Rotherham and that constructive action can be taken to protect young people as a result of the report and recommendations.

“The Commissioner has previously apologised for the failure of Rotherham Council while he was in its cabinet from 2005 to 2010. He repeats that apology today and he fully accepts that there was more that everyone at Rotherham Council should have done to tackle this terrible crime.”

Missing, help needed.

Thursday 12th June 2014.

Stephen Fry Get’s Behind The Big Tweet for Missing Children and CRA Alerts

Posted: 19 May 2014 07:06 AM PDT

The Big Tweet for Missing Children is now in its fourth year, and here at Missing People, we are hoping to make 2014’s campaign our most successful to date. 25 May marks International Missing Children’s Day and the launch of the Child Rescue Alert system – a nationwide initiative that will help to locate the most vulnerable missing children when there is a fear of imminent danger or death.

The CRA will rely on the public to sign up so that they can be alerted when a vulnerable child is missing in their area, increasing the chances of that child being found. Stephen Fry, a long-term supporter and Benefactor of Missing People explains why the Big Tweet for Missing Children and the Child Rescue Alert system are so important:

“Do you know what you are going to be doing on Sunday 25 May? I do. I am going to be throwing my weight behind the charity Missing People’s ‘Big Tweet for Missing Children’ for the fourth year running.

“It is a very simple concept and there is simply no excuse not to get involved. Every half hour for 24 hours throughout International Missing Children’s Day, the charity will be posting Twitter appeals with the aim of finding missing children. By retweeting these appeals, we can all help extend the platform that might bring those children home. Circulating the details of these children through the social media site is such a simple, yet incredibly effective way to give the appeals as much coverage as possible. I was so impressed by how the world of Twitter responded last year – an incredible 58,000 retweets in one day. The result? Two missing children were found. Invaluable.

“This year, it is even more important than ever that we all get behind this initiative as The Big Tweet for Missing Children will provide a launch pad for a new Child Rescue Alert system (funded by the EU and the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery) which will facilitate nation-wide searches for abducted children within minutes.

“It is impossible to imagine the sheer panic and turmoil of realising your child is missing, but it is possible to perceive how desperately important it is that campaigns like those by Missing People have the furthest reach possible. I hope that by doing my bit on this important day, I will encourage others to become a part of the campaign, making it more likely that these children will be found. I would urge you to do the same!”

If you would like to get involved in the Big Tweet, you can sign up for reminders on the day on our website, or simply follow us on twitter and look out for our appeals on 25 May! We would also urge you to sign up to the CRA system to be a part of this drastic step forward in locating vulnerable children in the UK.

Missing Blog Update.

Tuesday 13th May 2014.


The Missing Blog

Around 250,000 people go missing in the UK each year. The Missing Blog aims to give a voice to all those affected by this issue.

Written by families and friends of missing people, supporters working to raise awareness of the cause, and volunteers and staff at the charity Missing People, we hope that this blog will offer a window into the issue of missing.
The charity Missing People is a lifeline when someone disappears. To find out more about Missing People and ways that you can support the charity visit

Call or txt the charity Missing People for free on 116 000, 24/7 if you or anyone you know is affected by a disappearance.



The Missing Blog
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Make Runaways Safe.

Wednesday 5th March 2014.

Another update and reminder. Your and everyone’s help is required.

Help The Children’s Society build a safety net for children who run away from home.

Interactive map allows you to find the state of runaways support in your local area

Use our map to learn of local support and ask your council to support young runaway

New charter to protect runaways, missing children from harm and exploitation

The Runaways Charter is a clear code for agencies with a duty to protect children who run away or go missing from home and care.

Celebrities support young runaways

Several well-known actors, journalists and others support our Make Runaways Safe campaign.

What’s happening now…

Every five minutes a child in the UK runs away from home

Every child who has become a young runaway deserves to be protected through a national safety net of support.

Without help, these runaway teenagers are highly vulnerable and at risk of substance abuse, sexual exploitation and homelessness. They need to know that there are people who can help them and services that they can turn to.

Together, we can make teenage runaways safe. Take action today.

Find out more about life for child runaways in our campaign stories section.

Find out more using our campaign

CEOP’s Awareness.

Saturday 7th December 2013.

School ‘best place’ to learn about sexual exploitation.

Nearly three quarters of secondary education teachers say school lessons are the most important way to teach children about sexual exploitation, according to a report being released later this month.

The figure has been revealed on the day the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) CEOP command launches a new educational film designed to teach young people how to spot the signs of an exploitative relationship.

The 18-minute film, which is entitled Exploited, and is aimed at secondary school pupils, tells the story of a teenager who becomes involved with a group that is sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. In contrast, the film also looks at a healthy relationship in terms of setting boundaries and mutual respect.

The film is launched on the same day that the charity, Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) and Virtual College’s Safeguarding Children e-Academy, reveal figures from two YouGov surveys of 750 parents and 945 professionals made up of teachers (510), the police (209) and social workers (226).  The full report, “Are parents in the picture? Professional and parental perspectives of child sexual exploitation”, will be published on Tuesday 19 November.

The report will show that of the 510 secondary school teachers surveyed, 71 per cent said education in secondary school was the most important way of teaching young people about sexual exploitation.   More on Site………

For more info please follow the links….


1.If you would like more information about the NCA, please contact the press office on 020 7979 5835.

2. The Exploited film can be viewed here: Exploited comes on the back of CEOP’s threat assessment earlier this year which highlighted group exploitation as a key threat.

3. The Pace figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 945 professionals (teachers, social workers and police). Fieldwork was undertaken between 30/09/13 to 07/10/13.  The survey was carried out online.

4. Thinkuknow statistics:

Total number of views of TUK resources by children and young people:  15,111,280

Total number of TUK trainers: 28,306

Total number of ambassadors: 4,755

Total number of registrants: 102,674

5. For further information on the report “Are parents in the picture? Professional and parental perspectives of child sexual exploitation” to be published on Tuesday 19 November please go

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08 November 2013

School ‘best place’ to learn about sexual exploitation


Spotlight on Our Work

Our Work Overseas

Working across geographical borders and harnessing the best from all sectors is crucial to the protection of children. The CEOP International Child Protection Network does just that. Find out more and see if your organisation could work with us.


eyes that view


Madeleine McCann ‘update’

15 October 2013.

This story has been on going for 6 years and this new approach is giving the family newfound enthusiasm and encouragement.. It is a story always worthy of posting the news we receive.. Fingers crossed.. Will this mystery ever be solved.? hope so..

ceopClick me for more information Thank you.

Madeleine McCann: Timeline

Fresh analysis of the evidence in the case of missing Madeleine McCann has significantly changed the “accepted version of events”, British police have said.

A sighting of a man and a child by one of Gerry and Kate McCanns’ friends has been discounted, detectives say, and a separate, later sighting of a man carrying a blonde child has now become the focus of the investigation. Police also want to track down two charity collectors and a number of men seen “lurking suspiciously” near the McCanns’ apartment block.

Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, was three when she went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on 3 May 2007. Explore the timeline below to find out what happened that day.

Map showing the key locations in the hunt for Madeleine McCann
  • 15:30-17:30 Charity collectors seen in area

    × E-fits of charity collectors

    Scotland Yard says detectives are looking into possible links to burglaries and bogus charity collections in the area at the time. They have released two e-fit images of Portuguese men they would like to identify.

    There were four separate sightings of charity collectors on the afternoon of 3 May in Praia da Luz. One man approached a property on Rua do Ramalhete, near the Ocean Club, at about 16:00. Another collector called at another apartment on 25 or 26 April.

    Police say there was also a four-fold increase in the number of burglaries in the area between January and May 2007 and one possible scenario was that Madeleine had disturbed a burglar.

  • 20:30 McCanns go for dinner

    × Gerry and Kate McCann

    The McCanns were on holiday with a group of friends who met for dinner each evening at a Tapas bar on the Ocean Club complex where they were staying.

    On the day Madeleine went missing, Mr and Mrs McCann left their apartment at 20:30 and headed to the restaurant. Throughout the evening, adults from the group would leave at regular intervals to check on their children. A member of the group – Matthew Oldfield – left at 21:00, shortly followed by Gerry McCann.

  • 21:05 Gerry checks on children

    × Gerry McCann

    Mr McCann left the retaurant to check on his children at about 21:05. When he reached the apartment, he noticed the bedroom door was open wider than it had been left. On his return to the restaurant, he stopped to chat to a guest.

    Matthew Oldfield also checked on the McCanns’ apartment at about 21:30. Hearing no noise from the children’s bedroom, he assumed all was well and left without seeing Madeleine.

  • 21:15 McCanns’ friend sees man and child

    × Images of a man now discounted from the inquiry

    Having left the table to check on her own children, another member of the group, Jane Tanner, saw a man carrying a child close to the McCanns’ apartment. This sighting, which had previously been the focus of the investigation, has now been discounted by police. Detectives said the man was almost certainly an innocent British holiday-maker collecting his two-year-old daughter from a nearby creche.

  • 22:00 Irish family sees man and child

    × E-fit of a man seen heading towards the sea with a child

    An Irish family returning from a night out saw a man carrying a blonde-haired child, aged about three or four, possibly wearing pyjamas. He was walking down a street towards the beach at about 22:00. The beach is a few minutes’ walk from the McCanns’ apartment.

    Two of the witnesses have helped produce an e-fit of the man they saw. They described him as white, aged in his 30s, of medium build and medium height, with short brown hair.

  • 22:00 Kate raises alarm

    × Madeleine McCann

    After friend Matthew Oldfield had checked on the McCanns’ children half an hour previously, Kate McCann returned to the apartment at 22:00. It was then that she noticed the children’s bedroom window was open, the shutter raised and Madeleine gone.

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Why oh Bloody Why!

4 October 2013 Friday

Once again in a modern and so called civilised country that has all the support and social workers, children support and numerous other bodies,  we find that another slips through the network of so called child protection resulting in a death, an unnecessary death of an innocent child. Why Oh Bloody Why?

Amanda Hutton jailed 15 years for Hamzah Khan killing.


Amanda Hutton court case
The judge said Amanda Hutton had displayed “wicked conduct”

A mother who allowed her four-year-old son to starve to death and left his decomposing body in a cot for nearly two years has been jailed for 15 years.

Alcoholic mother-of-eight Amanda Hutton was convicted of the manslaughter of Hamzah Khan, who died in December 2009 due to severe malnutrition.

His mummified remains were found in squalid conditions at their Bradford family home 21 months later.

The judge said Hutton posed a “real danger” to children.

‘Wicked conduct’

Roger Thomas, the Recorder of Bradford, said she had shown a “terrible failure to fulfil the most basic responsibility; in short you starved Hamzah to death”.

On keeping Hamzah’s death a secret, the judge said Hutton was “worried that people would find out you killed him”.

He told her: “Your deviousness was to keep various agencies away from you and your children.

“Your wicked conduct has been displayed in such awful detail.”

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The kitchen in Amanda Hutton's house, with rubbish on the floor and several drink bottles
The kitchen in Amanda Hutton’s house had rubbish all over the floor and drink bottles on the surfaces
Rubbish on the floor of a bedroom at Amanda Hutton's house
There was rubbish on the bedroom floors when police found Hamzah’s body
The rubbish-strewn living room in Amanda Hutton's house
Police also found Amanda Hutton’s living room strewn with rubbish

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Hutton had previously admitted the neglect of Hamzah’s five siblings, who also lived at the house and were aged between five and 13 in 2011, and preventing the burial of Hamzah’s body.

The boy’s body was found after an inexperienced police community support officer became concerned about children at the house while she was investigating reports of soiled nappies being thrown into a neighbour’s garden.

Knife threat

Officers who later found Hamzah were also faced with an overwhelming smell coming from ankle-deep rubbish in the house, including vodka bottles and rotting food.

Hutton’s eldest son, Tariq Khan, 24, also admitted preventing Hamzah’s burial and received a two-year jail sentence, suspended for two years.

The judge heard earlier that Hutton had told Khan not to tell anyone about Hamzah’s death or she would kill his siblings.

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan claimed his mother had threatened to kill his siblings if he alerted police

Khan told probation officers how his mother held a knife to the throat of one of the children two days after Hamzah’s death, the court heard.

He also said his mother threatened to burn down the house.

The judge was also told that one of Hutton’s neighbours alerted social services to her concerns about the family in March 2011, but her actions did not result in Hamzah’s body being found.

Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, said the woman had observed children crying and not being comforted, threatening voices towards the children, blinds never being open and children not playing outside.

Mr Greaney told the judge the history of what happened after those concerns were raised was “complex”, but social services, education services and the police “were all involved to a greater or lesser extent”.

He said a serious case review into Hamzah’s death and the involvement of the relevant agencies with the family was under way.

The prosecutor said whatever was or was not done by those agencies “should not detract from the shocking and disgraceful conduct of Amanda Hutton involving six of her children”.

“She killed Hamzah, no-one else,” he said.

Hutton showed no emotion as she was led from the dock.

Friend of the family Maria Hodgson, who was at Bradford Crown Court for the sentencing, said what had happened was “so sad”.

“It’s so bad that this has happened to her and the whole family, really.

“I saw a lot of love from her to her children. Something must have happened to her.”

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